Accell E

The Competitive Edge

The Accell E press brake is the complete package. With a high-quality build, an impressive number of features and options, competitive pricing and advanced controls, this is your first choice in Y1/Y2 machine technology.

Accell E Press Brake Image


Throat Depth:
12” Throat Depth on machines up to 250 Tons. 14” Throat Depth on 350 – 500 Ton models.

Backgauge Options:
Accell E models include the Premium CNC X, R, Z1/Z2 backgauge. The optional Elite backgauge offers greater flexibility in 6-Axis X1/X2, R1/R2, Z1/Z1.

Forming Accuracy:
The synchronized Y1/Y2 Accurpress Accell-E is engineered and manufactured to produce repeat and parallelism positional accuracies of +/-0.0004 across the length of the press brake, including the outside distance of the side frames via the electronic/hydraulic closed-loop control system.

Machine Controls:
The powerful and easy to use Vision Control comes standard with all Accell models. Optional Moses upgrade is available.

Hydraulic Ram Clamping:
All E-models are equipped with Wila Hydraulic Ram Clamping to suit American tooling. Wila New Standard Pro or Premium is available as an option.

Generous Open Height/Stroke Length:
The Accell line comes standard with impressive ram open heights and stroke lengths to provide flexibility for complex part designs.

Off-Center Bending:
The integrity of the frame provides for precision off-center bending applications. Additionally, the advanced control allows for the creation of CNC fade bends.

CNC Crowning:
CNC Accurcrown is a standard feature offering flexibility and accuracy to the full range of bending applications in all job shop and production environments.

To view more information, please visit the Accurpress website.